About us

NCP deliver solutions by

  • Customer focus and custemized deliveries to the needs the prodution
  • Suggesting the most benefical overall solutions for the production
  • Putting high demands on suppliers and callabrators
  • High quality work throughout the whole prodution process
  • Flexible and transparent callaboration with short decision marking lead times

Your cooperation with NCP

  • We organise the prodution to comply with the highest delivery security, highest quality and cost efficency

  • One on location unit manager during every prodution phase and thoughout the implemention.

  • Any extra equipment or adjustment that migh be needed on location can only be orderd by your responsible person or by NCP´s unit manger. This should be done in writing to avoid misunderstandings and non-sanctioned costs.

  • A written technical specification from you as a costomer to NCP to qurantee delivery. This specification should be confirmed in writing by NCP to you.

  • NCP always try to book local personnal to reduce costs for workand accommodation, as long as you a client approve.



How a television production should look like depends on the sport/event that should be produced. With our help and our expertise you will be in good hands. We handle everything from small to large projects and gladly accept a challenges not only television broadcast productions, but everything around it as bring in the right technology, the right people and ensure that implementation is always right. With many years’ experience in the industry with projects like World Cup in skiing, athletics, alpine and Olympic Games under our wings we can promise to always do a first-class production regardless of size.